Activities on St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Activities on St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Diving and snorkeling in the territory of the islands are still developing, although on the abundance of dive sites is one of the best places in the region. Bay near the village of Shatobetair with a shallow reef and a lot of bright fish is a real dream of snorkeling fans. A small resort bay of the Punt Biahot is also perfect for snorkeling, and its dinosour-head is widely known for its 40-meter submarine wall, completely covered with spongas and corals. Not bad conditions for simple dives can be found in the northern part of the Little Truble Bay Bay, in the Bay of OVIA (UI, Northeast Saint Vincent), in the picturesque Bay of Wallulaba, Villa Beach and Indian Bay, at Reef New Guinea or on the Bottl Reef, the coast of Clipper Point and the beach Richmond (Union Island), on Rifa Moison and Pin (Pft-Saint Vincent Island), as well as in the submarine Gardens of Mero Gardens, Velly Dive, Puruni River and U Underwater hot springs sources, near the coast of Mero. Tobago shallow reefs are famous for the abundance of underwater life, so they are in the top ten spaces for snorkeling in the world (especially good in this regard Horschee-reef, ends-reef and PH-Tabak). Cumberland Bay is pretty deep, but it is exactly that attracts fans of water-truck sports.

On the outfit side of the island there are many beautiful shores, many of which have amazing beaches of dark volcanic sand. The most popular Beaches Argil, Long Beach, the shores of Black Point and Brighton Beach. The most popular on the sub-coast is the beach area near Mount Winn, whose calm sea is accompanied by developed service facilities. On the south-east coast, among other things, the beautiful beach of Blue Lagoon (its Barefut-Yacht Charters and Lagoon-Marina is also deserved.


Almost unhindered crossing these small islands wind makes the Grenadines with a suitable place and for windsurfing, the best place for this is the sandy bay of Freundship on Bekia.

Activities on St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Hiking begins to develop in wooded areas in the north of the island. The best area for Hayking is, naturally, the highlands of the volcanic soufrier.

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