5 Dishes that need to try in Azerbaijan

5 dishes that need to try in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Pilaf – the work of culinary art. It would seem that meat, rice and seasonings – but it’s all about cooking. Gentle meat of a young lamb is prepared separately from rice, then they are connected. Rice is booed, then extinguished in the brain of creamy oil – rice it turns out a gentle, soft, translucent. Seasonings – Saffron, Turmeric, giving a pilaf Magic taste and aroma. A lot of onions, and still chestnuts, dried raisins. Sometimes pilaf is prepared from chicken with the same components. Sweet Plov option – with dried fruits. And any pilaf is served with a piece of gas-rice or wheat cake, which will be assessed by the bottom of the containers where the pilaf is prepared.

2. Sturgeon with nursed

Noble fish with Narsharab sauce in Azerbaijan takes an honorable place in any cafe. Sturgeon cut into large pieces, fry on hot coals and served on a spit, and narrum is obligatory as seasoning. This is a sauce made of concentrated grenade juice. It is difficult to describe the taste of Narshara – it must be tasted. Dark red, almost black, sour and sweet at the same time, with a durable scent of a grenade, it is perfect for sturgeon.

3. Lulle-Kebab

The name of this dish on the hearing, but did you try to have a real Azerbaijani love? Prepare it from the back of the lamb, and the meat should be fresh, not frozen. No bread pulp, eggs – only meat, curdly fat and bow. Everything scrolls through a very large grid or a fine knife is cut, it is laughed for a long time, then the minced meals upset and climbs onto the wooden spanks in the form of sausages. Lullee, fried on coals or grilled – fabulous meat delicacy, served with salad and greens.

5 Dishes that need to try in Azerbaijan

4. Miracle

5. Pahlava with tea

Do not forget to get acquainted with Azerbaijani desserts. First of all, you bring tea – green or black, separate slices of sugar. According to the Azerbaijani tradition, it is necessary to put a piece of sugar in the mouth and "skip" the unsweetened tea. Or drink to them Pahlav. Several layers of the finest dough are impregnated with honey and make a finely chopped walnut, baked and cut with squares or rhombuses. Rhombick of Azerbaijani Pakhlava expires with honey, nuts melted in the mouth – one piece can be satisfied.

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