4 Ways to actively relax in Cuba

4 ways to actively relax in Cuba

Cuba is not only sea, palm trees and sand, but also the widest opportunities for outdoor activities. DT finds out the details.

1. Diving

2. Golf

The main golf course, 18 holes, is in Varadero. The field whose length is 6,699 meters, has a long history: its construction was started in December 1931, and soon after completion, in September 1933, the hurricane destroyed all the wells on artificial embankment. The restoration took 9 months of work and $ 10,000. Initially, the owners had an idea of ​​forming a club of golf lovers solely for a narrow circle, but it never was done. So play here everyone can. The main thing is to inform the administration in advance about your intention to play Varadero.

3. Trekking

About 30% of the archipelago is part of the national protected area system; It includes more than 300 zones, 7 zones of which are declared UNESCO reserves of the biosphere: this is Guanaacabibes Peninsula, Sierra del Rosario, Sapata Peninsula, Caguanese National Park, Bakonao, Kuchielyas del Tao and Park "Alexander Humboldt". In addition, UNESCO assigned a complex of agro-industrial structures in the south-east of Cuba related to the production of coffee and Vinyales Valley The status of cultural landscapes of mankind, and the National Park "Landing S "Grana" – Natural zone status. By the way, trails for pedestrian walks are properly marked and equipped with pointers.

4 Ways to actively relax in Cuba

4. Yakhting

Eight international sports ports that exist on the archipelago guarantee yachtsmen wide range of services: the mooring and the implementation of customs formalities, communication, supply, minor repair and maintenance, ensuring combustible, water and electricity, the implementation of the formalities associated with obtaining visas and migration formalities.

In the Havana International Sports Port "Marina Hemingway" Blue Marlin’s fishing comrades are held annually "Ernest Hemingway", as well as tournaments "La Spanadad" and "Gregorio Fuentes"; In addition, regatta "Merry Christmas" and "Moro Castle", On which yachts are going from sports ports of Europe, the south of the United States and the eastern part of the Antille Islands.

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