32Nd Jerusalem International Film Festival

32nd Jerusalem International Film Festival

From 9 to 19 July 2015, the 32nd Jerusalem International Film Festival will be held, which will last 10 days. The film festival has a rather rich program, which includes from about 150 to 200 new Israeli and international films.

Since 1980, the festival demonstrates the best international art and documentaries, reflecting the features of the Jewish people: cultural experience, history, as well as issues of identity and human rights. The festival allows you to plunge into the life of the Jewish people, as well as familiarize yourself with the specifics of local films. The leading theme of the film festival is the Israeli cinema, which is reflected in different forms: premiere shows, as well as documentary and short films.

32Nd Jerusalem International Film Festival

In addition to the essential contribution to Israeli cinema, the film festival is a leading event. As part of the International Jerusalem Film Festival, debut shows of directors, who subsequently found international glory: Wong Carway, Tsai Minlyan, John Sails, Jim Dzharmush, Stephen Frirsz, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Neil Jordan, John Lasser. Many of the work of the producer listed above began to broadcast every year at the film festival, since they became favorites among the Israeli public. The festival was also popular among celebrities. Its participants were Warren Beatti, Marchello Mastroinni, Robert de Niro, Brothers Taviani, Chantal Akerman, Adrienne Shelly, Jean-Pierre Beckollo, Roberto Benigny, Anthony Bergman, Jean-Claude Brisso, Kirk Douglas, Jean Pierre and Luke Darden, Jane Fund , Rashid Mishary, Ulric Pollier, Roman Polyanski, Sally Potter, Lord Putnam, Francesco Rosie, John Schlesinger, Giuseppe Tornator, Liv Ulman and Peter Ustinov.

Since 1990, as its development, the festival has expanded its capabilities. The possibility of showing avant-garde films and works of novice directors by the Sultan Pool Open-air, as well as special various professional events, allowing better to familiarize themselves with local cinema. Subsequently, precisely the non-standard unique approach of the film festival helped him take an important place in cinema.

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