3 Best routes in Vietnam for travel in spring and summer

3 best routes in Vietnam for travel in spring and summer

Vietnam rarely enters lists of directions for spring vacation and summer holidays and absolutely vain. For example, Halong Bay and Alpine Spa &# 8212; 2 of 8 TOP directions in Virtam &# 8212; most picturesque just during this period, and the rainy season on the central coast begins only at the end of the summer. In addition, prices for flights in the spring and summer are much lower than in a high season, which traditionally falls for the winter months.

See 3 ready-made routes for traveling to April period &# 8212; September.

1. North Vietnam and Hoyan

This route can be laid in 10-15 days. Reliefs in the route a bit, great option for beginner travelers or for family travel. The route begins and ends in Hanoi, from where it is convenient to leave for a couple of days in the Halong Bay and the Alpine Sap. Beach bus stop &# 8212; Charming and very atmospheric Hoyan, absolutely stunning mix of Vietnamese culture and beautiful beaches.

Approximate budget: 400-450 $ / s for 10 days

See the route: North Vietnam and Hoyan

2. With a backpack on Vietnam

This option &# 8212; For lovers of adventure and non-cereal places. In a special interest route &# 8212; Kataba, Sap and Nignobin Island. Beach stop again in Hoyan. Journey can be continued in Nha Trang and finish in Ho Chi Minh City.

Plan a minimum of 14 days on this route.

3 Best routes in Vietnam for travel in spring and summer

Approximate budget: 450-500 $ / per person in 14 days

See the route: With a backpack on Vietnam

3. Beaches and Islands Vietnam

This large route for real fans of beaches and islands. The route is laid from north to south and includes the best beach directions Vietnam &# 8212; Hoyan, Nha Trang, Muin and Fukuok Island, as well as less tourist rib.
On this route allocate at least 19 days.

Approximate budget: 600-650 $ / s for 19 days

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