2014 Claims the title of the hottest

2014 claims the title of the hottest

2014 can be the hottest in the entire history of meteorological obstases that are conducted since 1880. Such a forecast made National US Department for the study of the ocean and atmosphere in the last report. Already, experts admit that the last 12 months from October 2013 to September 2014 turned out to be the warmest in 134, on average temperatures exceeded the XX century indicators 0.69 ° C.

Last September turned out to be hot: the average temperature on the surface of the sushi and ocean was 15.72 ° C, which is 0.72 ° C higher than ever during the observation period. The ocean was hotter than in the 20th century, 0.66 ° C, the surface of the sushi warmed up 6.89 ° C. According to meteorologists, record temperatures were observed on most of the earth’s surface, with the exception of Central Russia, East and Northern Canada. In 31 countries and territories, on all seven continents, the meteorological station reported unusually hot weather. This is North-West Africa, South-East Coast of South America, South-West Australia, Regions of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Also record-hot on the planet were this year May, June and August.

2014 Claims the title of the hottest

Over the past nine months, the surface of the seas warmed up, more than ever: on average, the world ocean was 0.57 ° C hotter than usual. If you take the average surface temperature of the sushi and ocean surface, then 2014 can be called the same warm as the 1998th (sees the same period – from January to September). Since the ocean cools slowly, scientists suggested that 2014 will be the hottest in the entire history of observations. The main cause of global warming scientists consider the greenhouse effect, caused by the emission of carbon dioxide.

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