18-Month terrorist was not allowed

18-month "terrorist" not let the plane

In the USA, on board the airline of the airline Jetblue, from the city of Fort Lauderdale (Florida) in Newark (New Jersey) did not let the eighteen-month-old girl, the name of which turned out to be in the list of persons suspected of terrorism. The incident immediately hit all the world’s world news, he occurred on May 8, when an airline employee told Rihanna’s parents – so the girl is that the whole family is removed from the flight, as their daughter is in "blacklist" persons who are forbidden to fly, writes extranews.SU.

Usually, the suspects of the FBI and other special services in terrorism or bonds with terrorists fall into such a list. And if the personal data of the tourist coincides with the data from the list, it will not allow it to flight. However, as practice shows, no tourist is insured against errors – anyone may be in "Stop-sheet".

18-Month terrorist was not allowed

It should be noted that after some time after their departing from the airliner, the family from Florida was still allowed to climb the aircraft, but they refused. According to the parents of the girl, they were removed from the flight due to the fact that they are coming from the Middle East, and the child’s mother was dressed in Hijab. Jetblue airline has already apologized to passengers and explained the computer crash that happened.

Not so long ago it became known that in Russia this will also be created "black list" tourists who will be banned flying, but, unlike the United States, there will be no terrorists in it. In this database, those who were seen in the unsophisticable behavior on board the aircraft: drunkenness, fights and similar incidents.

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