11 Old bridges that still admire

11 old bridges that still admire

These bridges were built for a long time, exceptionally human hands. There was no cranes, no bulldozers, no escalators. Some copies even appeared without a complete set of building materials. But they still serve people and decorate landscapes.

And some bridges did not even people. Here, for example, this is a structure from rhizomes, rubber trees splaved among themselves – by themselves. So it was formed to cross over the river somewhere in India.

How this rainbow bridge was made, in Watkins Glen National Park in the USA – there is no special information. But the photo is clearly seen that the building material is exactly the same as the rock.

And this is the stone bridge of a desar de l’ariez, shelled somewhere in the Swiss Gorge. As if issean from solid boulder.

And on the Landvarviarviadt bridge still ride trains. Please note how much work is invested to lay the railway on this route. It was necessary not only to build kilometer supports, but also to comprehend the hole in the mountain.

Bridge Carbridge in Scotland stands from 17th century. And even if.

Another Scottish bridge, only later building. According to Glenfinnan-Viaduct, the locomotives began to walk already in the year before last.

The most "young" bridge – Lunar Bridge in Taiwan.

11 Old bridges that still admire

And this bridge can be called the second Chinese wall. Connects the mainland and the island of Gastelug in Spain.

Near the grandiose waterfall Maternoma, that in the US state of Oregon, there must be no less grand bridge.

In a small state – Little bridges. Mulletal in Luxembourg.

Surgo! Mountains Pidnos, Greece. Without a concept, as a person can create this ..

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