108-Year-old cyclist champion Robert Marshant live in France

108-year-old cyclist champion Robert Marshant live in France

Live up to 100 years – achievement. And to celebrate 108 birthday (26 November 1911 was born) and at the same time establish world records, chasing a bike – something incredible. Such a unique person is the former fireman Robert Marshand (Robert Marchand). At 108, he not only feels great, but also gives you to "see" youth.

Robert Marshand (Robert Marchand)

For 35 years, Robert is interested in cycling. It all started in 1978, when the elderly Frenchman turned 67 years. Despite the solid age, he trained on a par with young guys. And when he retired, by that time he was hit by 89 years old, he made his first long-term departure route Bordeaux Paris. Distance in 600 km he drove a bike for 36 hours.

Robert Marshand (Robert Marchand), French Cycling Robert Marshant (Robert Marchand) – Cyclist

In recent years, Marshant is limited to the tracks of no more than 100 km, which does not prevent him from installing records. In 2012, he overcame the track 100 km in 4 hours 17 minutes and 27 seconds.

Robert Marchand, France Frenchman Robert Marchand

In 2014, the cyclist again surprised the public. Robert took part in the "time race" for athletes older than 100 years and passed a distance of 23 km in just 1 hour.

Robert took part in the "race for the time" Robert in the "time race"

108-Year-old cyclist champion Robert Marshant live in France

The long-liver interested scientists. They managed to establish that over the past 2 years, the strength and endurance of the old man has doubled, and by the state of health, it is not inferior to 50-year-old men.

Initially, Marshant did not have exceptional physical data. His height is only 152 cm, he never sat on diets and did not adhered to the right lifestyle. At the same time he never smoked and worked very much. For the whole century, he managed to work a gardener, rescuer, seller, boxer and fire.

French Robert took part in the "time race" "Race at time" French B "Race at time"

Robert Marshant assures that he has no secret of longevity. His success formula is quite simple: "Do not sit on the couch! Training, engage in sports!".

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