10 Useful things to relax in nature

10 useful things to relax in nature

To drink freshly brewed coffee with the first rays of the sun, warm up hot tea before bedtime or cook a hearty lunch – without a burner in nature can not do. Little and compact, it will fit in any backpack, almost without adding it weight. Well, it’s hard to overestimate.

Next after the burner item, of course, goes. Kettle, pan, pan – Real kitchen on the road. Take with you the whole set or choose the necessary for each case.

I prepared food, it’s time to eat – a compact set of cutlery is indispensable. Fork, spoon, knife and corkscrew in one bottle.

Water should always be at hand, especially on a hot day. It is more convenient for water bag yet. Nothing was invented – thanks to the long tube, you need to stop to drink, and it does not occupy places. Suitable for hiking and cycling, and it is also useful to the wheel – unlike the bottle does not distract at all.

In nature, I want to relax and relax from the phone. However, in some cases, it is not necessary to do without it: see the map, learn the weather forecast, but at least take a picture of a beautiful sunset. In order not to worry, whether the phone lives to the end of the campaign, it is worth purchasing a charger on solar panels.

As they say, there is no bad weather – there is incorrectly selected clothes. The rain can be caught by surprise, but there will be a raincoat. Even a backpack will be fitted under it, so you can not worry about the safety of things.

10 Useful things to relax in nature

Another rain protection detergent – waterproof bags for things. Help keep dry clothes, equipment, documents and other important items.

Compact flashlight never hurts: Light the road, sit at night in a tent, and at home he will have a use. Choose durable and bright.

In nature, things can dry for a long time, and in the case of frequent movements, it may not be time. The microfiber towel becomes a real salvation – just what dries quickly, it also takes little space.

If the tracking is included in your plans – special sticks will be accurately useful. They will give sustainability, and on the descent there are knees – especially relevant for mountain trips.

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