10 Strange things from South Korea

10 strange things from South Korea

South Korea is an amazing and unique country with its customs, some of which are more than 2 thousand years. Today I want to tell you about some unusual things that can be easily met in this interesting country.

South Korea love toilet humor. The process of defecation, by the standards of the usual Korean, is a very fun and interesting event. That is why it is easy to meet sweets or buns in the form of poop.

Here it is not enough to hug in public places, unless of course you are not one sex. Koreans are indifferent to such arms.

To date, South Korea leads the number of plastic operations. Here already formed a whole cult of this medical craft.

Because of the hard control of parents and the norms of decency, young couples cannot show some open sympathy in the parents’ house. Therefore, motels are popular here for love merits.

In South Korea, there is a genre of music – K-Pop. Groups singing in this style most often consist of young girls and boys from 16 to 24 years.

Here are very honored by the elderly, especially Ayummas – the elderly women.

10 Strange things from South Korea

One of the main problems of South Korea, however, like Russia is alcohol. They drink a lot here.

On the Korean streets you may notice that some couples wear the same clothing – this is a popular trend of South Korea.

Koreans brought to perfection the skill of food delivery. Your order can be brought five minutes after you put the phone.

Korean girls love to wear short skirts. And sometimes it comes to the fact that they have to be covered, even with normal walking.

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