10 PhotoIrships about the power of human will

10 photoIrships about the power of human will

1. Photographer Martha Rial. A series of photographs of people who turned out to be stronger conflicts in Rwanda and Burundi.

Photographer Martha Rial

2. Photographer Mary Chind. Jason Oglsby, the builder by profession, saves a woman from the river near the dam. Male could not be able to save. 2010 year.

Photographer Mary Chind

3. Photographer Renée C. Byer. A series of photos about how mother is trying to brighten up the last days of the life of her son Derek, dying from cancer. 2007 year.

Photographer Renée C. Byer

4. Photographer Oded Balilty. Jewish woman alone opposed Israel’s security services.

Photographer Oded Balilty

5. Photographer deanne Fitzmaurice. A series of photos about returning to the life of a 9-year-old Iraqi boy Salehu, a miracle of the survivor after the explosion.

Photographer deanne Fitzmaurice

6. Photographer Massoud Hossaini. A twelve-year-old girl who survived after the explosion from the Abul-Fazla mosque, December 6, 2011.

Photographer Massoud Hossaini

10 PhotoIrships about the power of human will

7. Photographer Rodrigo Abd. Syrian troops fired at the house of this woman, her husband and children died in shelling, and she herself got a hard wound.

Photographer Rodrigo Abd

eight. Photographer Tom Glysh. A series of photographs showing the life of homeless from Philadelphia. 1986.

Photographer Tom Glysh

nine. Edition: Associated Press. Snapshot made during the collapse of the communist regime in Russia, August coup. 1991 year.

Edition: Associated Press

ten. Photographer Alan Diaz. The mother of a 6-year-old boy illegally left Cuba with her son, she died on the road, and not reaching America. The boy was taken to him from distant relatives, in the photo Armed federal agents from the United States want to pick it up from the family.

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