10 Paradise Uninhabited Islands of the World

10 Paradise Uninhabited Islands of the World

Located 30 km. From Samui Island, Archipelago, Ang Thong still boasts a few uninhabited islands.

Pyramid Balla, Australia

Stone Island is 20 kilometers southeast of Lord Howe Island and is considered one of the most inaccessible islands of the world. 1965 Alpinists were chosen, but already in 1986 the island was closed for visits.

Auckland, New Zealand

This group of islands is south of the southern island of New Zealand and is still uninhabited. The thing is that there is a very harsh and cold climate.

Phoenix, Republic of Kiribati

All the islands with the exception of the chief archipelago of Canton are completely uninhabited. To date, Phoenix island – the world’s largest marine reserve.

Coconut Island, Costa Rica

This island is one of the most remote and insulated provinces of Costa Rica.

Mamanuk, Fiji

The archipelago consists of 20 islands, many of whom are tested by tourists, but there are also people where people still do not live.

Tetpar, Solomon Islands

10 Paradise Uninhabited Islands of the World

To date, the island is uninhabited, but recently built small huts and offer tourists to feel like a real Robinsone Cruise, remaining on the island for several days.


In fact, from 1190 coral Maldives populated only about 300, the rest of the islands still do not have a permanent population.

Aldab, Seychelles

Aldab is a natural reserve that has practically not touched in civilization.

Rocky Islands, Palau

Most of the Rocky Islands of the Republic of Palau has not yet been populated. Perhaps the most frequent guests of these islands are only birds and rare animals.

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